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 Sunset Beach drinking games

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MessageSujet: Sunset Beach drinking games   Lun 1 Oct - 8:51

J'avais trouvé ça autrefois sur un site SB... Ca m'avait bien fait rire à l'époque...

This game in no way advertises that it is okay or good to drink alcohol this is just a joke for fun. If you are under the legal age I suggest pop.
Meg: Drink 1 shot if she actually lies to somebody. Drink 2 shots if she slaps or punches another person.

Ben: Drink 1 shot if he can't make up his mind. Drink 2 shots if he takes his shirt off.

Maria: Drink 1 shot if Maria is miserable. Drink 2 shots if she is ever happy (and not in flashbacks).

Sara: Drink 1shot everytime her affair (or Melinda) is mentioned. Drink 2 shots if Sara tells the whole truth to everybody at all times.

Tim: Drink 1 shot if he is planning to get Meg back. Chug if he ever gets her back.

Annie: Drink 1 shot if she is breaking some kind of law. Dring 2 shots if she actually gets what she wants (or course she won't it's a soap opera).

Chug if:
Brad's actually shows some depth of character,
Amy suddenly becomes best friends with Emily,
Olivia's hair isn't huge,
Annie isn't wearing skimpy clothing,
Francesca gives up on getting Cole,
Caitlin actually clues in,
Sean goes platinum with his rap album,
a relationship never has a triangle,
a relationship works out!

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Messages : 3904
Date d'inscription : 09/07/2009
Age : 37

MessageSujet: Re: Sunset Beach drinking games   Mar 11 Déc - 9:21

Un autre drinking game que je trouve excellent!
J'adore les petits commentaires entre parenthèses...

Sunset Beach Drinking Game
Simply follow the rules whilst watching a videotape of your favourite SB episodes (because let's admit you did tape some for emergency viewing). The rules are a doddle, simply choose your poison and drink as required.
1 shot if
If Amy mentions the potion she gave Sean

Every time Emily dresses up as a bad girl (so tragic)

If Annie accuses Oliva of destroying her childrens lives

if Oliva tells Annie that no one loves her
There is a flashback
Michael calls Vanessa "scoop"
Anybody is caught plotting out loud
Antonio or Ben takes their shirts off (to celebrate)
Bette refers to her previous husbands via her rings
Sean and Emily kiss (to commiserate for her)
Whenever Caitlin says "Trey" (it's almost as annoying as Smurf saying "baby")
Bette calls anyone "Kitten", "Popsie" or "Dimples"
Annie tries it on with Gregory and he pushes her away
Anybody has a fantasy (3 shots if it's Annie)
Annie is nasty to Rose
Gabi changes he mind about telling Ricardo about her and Antonio
Anytime Benjy appears (to make the scene more bearable)
Anytime Hank calls Joan "Joanie"
Sarah believes Casey will dump her for Meg.
2 shots if
Anytime Bette gets upset over AJ (she deserves some hapiness)

Whenever Gregory appears as Tobias (the alcohol makes the disguise more believable)
Anyone doubts the whole Benjy fiasco
Madam Carmen actually predicts the future
Maria remembers something
3 shots if
If Gregory appears without his disguise

If Derek/Ben kills anybody (It's got to happen at some point)

If Ricardo's revenge ever makes any sense
Any of the aforementioned evil plots succeed
Anyone sings a song (4 shots if it's Sean)
Anybody actually orders a drink at the deep or there is actually anybody at the deep
A dead character comes back to life again via a fantasy or flashback
Annie is nice to Rose
Finish the glass if
A character is replaced by a new actor without any warning
Ricardo actually solves a case
Down the bottle if...

If anybody actually figures out Ben is Derek
During an episode the day changes
Anybody actually tells the truth

We actually find out who shot Francesca
Clear the table if
The plot begins to make any sense

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Sunset Beach drinking games
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